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CLASS Schedule

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Shaolin Martial Arts for Children

Martial arts education and training for children focus primarily on the child's mental discipline and endurance, strengthening bones and muscles, correcting posture through flexibility training, improving physical fitness to enhance self-esteem, and establishing a strong faith in self-reliance.

Shaolin Martial Arts for Adults

Shaolin Kung Fu involves total body movement which combines inward and outward attention, helps correct posture and control body weight, strengthens one’s body core teaches self-defense, eliminates physical fatigue, mental stress, and eventually leading to internal and external harmony.

Shaolin Method to Health​

The main health program is to teach "Shaolin Health Qi Gong". Shaolin Kung Fu has an excellent approach to enhancing health. For example, Shaolin Ba Duan mainly exercises human internal organs, restores the circulation of Qi (Chi - life energy) and excretes waste from internal organs. Through physical exercises, not only the body is fully stretched, but the blood flow is also boosted. As a result, both muscles and bones are strengthened and physical fitness is achieved. These exercises benefit the mind, regulate the activities of the human spirits and emotions, and promote physical and mental health. Gradual and sequential progress, as well as sustained efforts, are required for fruitful learning. Furthermore, complying with the laws of nature, both internally and externally, will lead to perfection in both body and mind.

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