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The Shaolin Warrior Academy was founded in 2011 on the principles of teaching excellence and developing positive role models, under the rich traditions and cultural heritage of the Songshan Shaolin Temple of China. Classes are available for children and adults for mental and physical well being. For more information please visit our links.



Our Master Shi Yan Hong is a 34th Generation Disciple of Shaolin Temple. Born in Anhui, Master Yan Hong entered monastic life to study martial arts as well as Chan Buddhism under the tutelage of Shaolin Temple's Abott Shi Yong Xin. His special skills in martial arts eventually led to him being chosen to join Shaolin's Wuseng Tuan or (Martial Monks Corps) to travel locally and abroad to promote Shaolin's Unique Culture. 

​His specialties include traditional Shaolin forms, weapons, such as double sword, and imitation styles, such as drunken boxing, leopard, snake etc.


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