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The manifestation of Shaolin Kungfu comes from over 1,500 years of continual refinement and development by the Monks of the Songshan Shaolin Temple, generals, warriors and disciples alike. Shaolin Kungfu based on the special combination of three unique characteristics Chan, Wu, Yi or the study of Zen, Martial Arts and Medicine.

Shaolin Kungfu is considered one of the top Chinese martial art styles because of its long history and it is fully developed practices. According to the records handed down in the Shaolin Monastery, there are 708 Shaolin Kungfu sets in existence, out of which, 552 sets are designed for fist methods and various weapons techniques. The remaining 156 sets cover 72 secret techniques and training methods for grappling, free fighting, joint locking, attacking pressure points and Qigong (Internal energy Practice)

The physical manifestation of Shaolin Kungfu centers on utilizing ones natural weapons in combat situations. Each set contains a series of movements which are based on the human anatomy and harmonizing natural movements of the body. The movements within each set emphasize the mixing of action and stillness, balancing of Yin and Yang energies, combining soft and hard movements, and exhibiting one’s spirit of vitality in the postures. 

Training involves not only the training of one’ state of mind, but also one’s whole body, which covers the hands, eyes, body, footwork, and martial applications so that they will act as one, naturally and effortlessly.

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