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To be as graceful as a cat, to be as aggressive as the tiger, to step like a dragon... Check out this videos of our very own Master Shi Yan Hong in action. For any questions regarding classes or booking please visit our contact page.

Shaolin Warrior Yan Hong

Master Yan Hong Performing his unique Kungfu skills including double sword, snake fist and more.

Kungfu Heroes - Mein Land

Yan Hong and a delegation from Kungfu Heroes promo for Olesen SSL. Hollywoods Premier Lighting Company for over 100 years.

Discover Shaolin Open House

Master Yan Hong and his students at a seminar in Irvine.

Asian American Expo

Shaolin Warrior Academy at the Fairplex in Pomona.

Shaolin Da Hong Quan

Master Yan Hong performing the second form of Da Hong Quan at a open house.

Kungfu Heroes Teaser

Shots from our upcoming sampler featuring Yan Hong, DY Sao and Philip Sahagun Shot by: Blue Kanji

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